15 July 2019

Achieving Flawless Cloud Migration

Faced with the ever-increasing demand for growth, businesses are under constant pressure to develop more efficient and effective IT environments. ...

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20 June 2019

Defining the Testing of Your Business Continuity Plans

An appropriately targeted BCP—business continuity plan—is fundamental to ensuring the long-term sustainability of your ...

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20 May 2019

Working Backwards—Business Continuity Fundamentals

Business continuity planning—or BCP—is critical for ensuring that your business has the protocols and procedures ...

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22 Mar 2019

Help Your Business Thrive With a Continuity Plan

When it comes to building a sustainable business, considering the fate of your company when faced with a potential ...

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6 Feb 2019

What Makes Software User-Friendly for Modern Digital Businesses?

Modern business owners from every digital industry are often trying to identify how to make their digital platforms more ...

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10 Dec 2018

Business Continuity Risks in 2019

As the independent functions and processes of businesses become increasingly reliant on a core, underlying infrastructure, there is a growing risk that even the smallest ...

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25 Nov 2018

Edge Computing

In 2018, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang went on record expressing his admiration for cloud computing and storage, and with good reason—since its development, the cloud ...

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16 Nov 2018

The Age Of Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence is one of the technology trends that programmers, scientists, and futurists alike all expect to create significant disruptions in Southeast Asia in the near ...

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