Emerge Unscathed From Any Disaster

Continuity Management

Minimise your risk

With an operational infrastructure that has become increasingly sophisticated, businesses are more vulnerable to disruptions than ever before. We offer our clients personalised support on a case-by-case basis which helps them improve the resiliency of their operations against all of the most common hazards that they’re likely to face.

What We Provide


Drafting complete continuity plans that are applicable to their trade ensures that our clients always have a resource they can turn to in times of crisis.


Our detail-oriented team conducts comprehensive assessments that guide our insight, allowing us to provide step-by-step plans applicable to different scenarios.


Businesses can improve the robustness of their continuity plans by aligning their practices with their unique recovery point and recovery
time objectives.

Prepare for the worst

Ensure Success

Regardless of whether your greatest liabilities lie in the state of your technological infrastructure, recurring environment hazards such as wildfires, or the instability of your East Asian supply chain, it’s important that you have responses that are flexible enough to address each individual crisis. Our continuity management services eliminate the guesswork involved with this process by making use of statistical analyses that inform our approaches—from there, your business simply needs to regularly test and refine the resulting strategies in order to be certain that they can be reliably carried out.

  • Intuitive
    Appropriate management strategies need to be easily understood and effectively executed by members at every organisational level.
  • Enduring
    The conceptualisation of complete business continuity procedures ensures the long-term viability of your operations against any threat.

Bring your team up to speed

Work Through The Problem

When crises emerge, the burden of responding appropriately always falls on the leadership team of the business in question. By turning to us for support with this matter, our clients can leverage a wide base of knowledge that helps them achieve three key things—come to consensus-approved triggers for contingency response activation, delegate tasks and responsibilities, and swiftly mobilise the executive team when needed. It’s this collaborative mindset that ensures that floods, hailstorms, pandemics, and more can all be anticipated, planned for, and overcome.

Retrieve your data

Seamless Recovery

There are few greater fears plaguing most businesses than that of sudden, rapid disruptions to their IT systems. DR Technologies works not only to assess the vulnerabilities of our clients’ infrastructures, but also offers suggestions that help improve technological redundancy—decentralised off-site data centres and all-encompassing failover systems are just a few of the ways businesses can improve the resiliency of their operations. Even when the worst does occur, companies are able to ensure the swift retrieval of all of their most important files by leveraging our industry-leading experience with hard drives, SSDs, and servers.

Readiness, Reassurance, And Redundancy:

  • Gather and train your leadership teams
  • Assess your risks through comprehensive business impact analyses
  • Create effective recovery procedures that are easily carried out
  • Increase the resilience of your IT infrastructure
  • Set up alternative operational headquarters
  • Implement extensive failover protocols
  • Become more resistant to natural disasters, human error, and breaching attempts
  • Secure your data by making use of decentralised storage facilities

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