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The foundation that your day-to-day operations rest upon are your servers, the central hub for all of your information. DR Technologies helps businesses make the most of this important tool by specialising in the delivery of powerful, versatile hosting solutions tailored exclusively to their unique needs.


What We Provide


Our servers are meticulously cared for by a team of experts that ensure steady access to all of your most important files.


Our wide variety of different setups and plans allow every business to find a server configuration that works for them.


All of our hosting solutions make use of the latest technologies and features in order to reduce lengthy loading times.

A World Of Power Reserved Entirely For You

Experience performance

Unlike shared or virtual private servers that partition the available resources of the physical computer among its various users, dedicated servers offer your business the exclusive use of its full range of capabilities—unique IP addresses, root access, file transfer protocols, and account management panels are all available to clients with a dedicated hosting package from DR Technologies. Each of these servers also come with industry-leading amounts of storage, which ensures that you’ll never run out of space.

  • Scalable
    Increasing their amount of guaranteed bandwidth, speed, and RAM based on their anticipated future usage offers businesses unparalleled flexibility.
  • Secure
    Dedicated servers are solely under your control, which means your business won’t have to worry about the actions of other users compromising your network.

Experience The Best Of Both Worlds

A convenient compromise

By using multiple virtualised operating systems housed within one physical device, a virtual private server allows businesses to experience many of the same benefits of dedicated servers—user-specific operating systems offer increased security, while the individual partitioning of RAM allows businesses to rely on performance that won’t fluctuate based on the actions of other users. This way, even small or medium-sized businesses can graduate from shared servers to a more flexible, private solution that allows them to customise, tailor, and tweak their hosting infrastructure until it meets their unique business requirements.

Routine Support Or Complete Control

Be as involved

as you wish

Trusting DR Technologies with their hosting needs gives businesses the flexibility to choose from either managed or unmanaged server plans. Businesses with an experienced and skilled IT staff might prefer an unmanaged solution that allows their specialists to take a more hands-on approach with the installation of any necessary software, while smaller companies who don’t have large pools of labour to pull from can instead choose to leverage our team of experts for the regular maintenance, diagnosing, and troubleshooting of all of their necessary hardware.

Leverage Our Unmatched Hosting Solutions:

  • Choose from a variety of scalable plans to suit the long-term goals of your business
  • Experience consistent uptime thanks to our reliable hosting technology
  • Benefit from the increased security offered by both dedicated and virtual private servers
  • Reduce your reliance on an in-house IT staff by turning to managed solutions
  • Rely on consistent performance thanks to predetermined resource allotments
  • Customise your server with the right operating systems, mail clients, FTPs, and more
  • Assess the status of your servers with feature-complete administrative tools
  • Offer employees much quicker access to essential folders and files

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