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Centrally located to help our clients find success in the Asian market, DR Technologies helps both start-ups and established businesses alike achieve greater efficiency, profitability, and resiliency by facilitating the management of each of the more technical aspects of their daily operations.

Digital Leaders

Support is our passion

With a team meticulously put together for the sole purpose of delivering a range of specialties and insight to our clients, our capabilities know no bounds. For each of the cases that we come across, we devise consensus-based solutions that are reliable, innovative, and timeless.

By making use of this comprehensive approach, we’re able to assure our clients of the three distinct outcomes that they can expect to experience:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Increased business resiliency
  • Enhanced revenue-generating capabilities


How we Help

Software Development

Our mastery of end-to-end software development cycles ensures that we deliver timely, market-ready products for our clients.

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Software Distribution

From customer relationship management to communications software, we connect businesses with applications they can rely on.

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Continuity Management

Clients in need turn to us in order to improve the resiliency of their business in the face of all of the most common operational disruptions.

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IT Consulting

Our consultants sit with businesses to assess their existing infrastructure and offer suggestions for improvement.

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We improve the storage capabilities of our clients by offering everything from dedicated to virtual private servers.

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