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IT Consulting Services

Built upon real experience

DR Technologies offers best-in-class consultancy services across a range of industry sectors. By providing strategic insight and tactical knowledge, we help you adopt the right IT strategy for your business. Our objective is to identify the most appropriate, innovative solutions that will produce real benefits and deliver the most value from your IT investments.

What We Provide


Digital transformations are made by leveraging cutting - edge technologies and expertly aligning them with the specific needs of each respective business.


A wealth of knowledge and experience in the field allows us to help a diverse range of businesses address complex challenges and define their digital strategies.


We empower organizations by helping them understand their available options, make the right decisions, and future-proof the IT infrastructure of their business.

Driving Results

A consistent methodology

The philosophy that informs our practices is one of minimising the inefficiencies of businesses through our comprehensive audits and assessments. In order to deliver each of our clients unique roadmaps to success, we make use of sophisticated approaches to idea execution that are underpinned by our extensive familiarity of different hardware and industries. By leveraging a consulting expertise that aligns IT infrastructure with the needs and requirements of their trade, businesses can expect to experience streamlined, optimised processes that feature improved flexibility and resiliency.

  • Empower
    All new projects require access to experienced practitioners. We have the ability, insight and drive to help organizations analyze, elaborate, and perfect their ideas.
  • Invent
    We take goals and transform them into actionable plans that are based on meaningful data, sound analysis and exceptional strategy formation.

Accelerating your

Digital Evolution

Digital technologies are transforming how business is conducted at a lightning pace. With the capacity to change almost everything about how we work, it can be a confusing and somewhat overwhelming prospect to embark on the journey of digital transformation. IT consultants are perfectly placed to guide you in creating a rigorous IT strategy that serves to accelerate your digital evolution. DR Technologies provides advice to solve business and technology problems in tandem—we not only help you realize your aspirations, but also contribute to the formulation of your whole digital vision.

Expanding Possibilities

Synergising business & IT

In a rapidly shifting technological space, it can be difficult for businesses to keep up—do they invest their efforts into potentially risky, trending platforms or do they maintain the status quo and risk falling behind? The world-class staff that DR Technologies employs stay up to date on the changes happening in every emerging space, and bring this progressive knowledge to our clients in order to help them take control of these powerful tools—cloud services, blockchain, the Internet of Things, and augmented reality are just a few of the revolutionary, disruptive technologies that we’re intimately familiar with.

Delivering Real Digital Transformation Through:

  • Advisory—experienced consultants creating strategic roadmaps
  • Audit—meticulous review of current setups to identify the existing problems
  • Ideation—every idea counts, but all comprise applied logic and strategic foresight
  • Scale—always thinking ahead, our advice is future-proofed from its inception
  • Resilience—strategy design with respect for real-world execution at the forefront
  • Risk mitigation—maximising performance while minimising risk, even as you grow
  • Security—keeping your company safe through its digital transformation and beyond
  • Due diligence—all recommendations remain compliant with regulatory mandates

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