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Software Development

Bespoke software development

Whether you are looking for a system to advance business effectiveness, improve customer service levels, streamline processes or increase sales, DR Technologies delivers. Our intelligent, intuitive solutions quickly and meticulously produce improved functionality which enables you keep pace with demand.

What We Provide


Adopting an agile methodology provides flexibility without sacrificing speed and quality of delivery.


Reliable software equalled only by our reliability as a partner throughout the development process.


Swift development of one-of-a-kind, fit-for-purpose software built perfectly to match your specifications.


The Architects Driving Your Business Forward

Inspiring success

At DR Technologies, we take your vision, apply our knowledge and expertise and build a forward-looking application designed specifically to match your distinct requirements. Employing our unique combination of business specialists and software developers, our teams conceive, design, build and release a powerful and impressive software product of exceptional quality. And with full control over the software back-end, the product is able to react quickly to any operational changes you encounter. Functionality can be adjusted accordingly so your investment continues to deliver the desired results.

  • Scalable
    Software build for the scale you need, today and tomorrow. We won’t let your software limit your business.
  • Multi-dimensional
    Multiple products—covering multiple regions, channels and platforms—makes our software truly multi-dimensional.

Rising to the complexities of today’s business world

Why a Custom

Software Solution?

Generally, an organisation has to make the choice between a packaged software solution or taking the custom-made route. Certainly, if the need is simple, a pre-packaged solution would suffice. However, in today’s business environment it is unusual for an off-the-shelf solution to cut it. Custom software is written precisely to your requirements and designed to fit seamlessly with your business. Our methods are fully responsive, meaning that throughout the development process, anything can be altered to ensure delivery of the most suitable product. What’s more, in addition to the planned efficiencies, our developers have the skill to identify further inefficiencies which you may not yet have recognised as problematic. These too can be added and answered, thus delivering further benefit from the development process.

Optimising development methods

The Agile Approach

By taking a pragmatic iterative approach we isolate the most important aspects of the build, identifying precisely what should be prioritised and what can be incorporated into broader features down the line. Using this agile methodology, we are able to produce quality, functionable software more quickly which progressively becomes more complex and feature-rich as the project progresses. As well as the benefit of accessing useable software faster, with regular check-ins on the product, you have the power to modify the build should you so desire.

Building Software That Delivers Real Value By:

  • Bringing together the right tech, talent and knowledge to build powerful solutions
  • Answering the demands of web, desktop and mobile application development
  • Focusing on UX and UE design so applications are both beautiful and user-friendly
  • Creating competitive long-term advantages that save you valuable resources
  • Taking a customer-centric, collaborative approach to deliver the best solution for you
  • Working transparently, flexibly and honestly to produce impressive, trustworthy results
  • Ensuring low latency, high security and optimised performance on all projects
  • Providing continuous feedback and support in excess of best practice standards

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