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Software Distribution

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Regardless of the industry in question, most employees staffing businesses around the world will need to make use of various applications in order to successfully carry out their daily tasks—unfortunately, software rollout and implementation is never as simple as it initially appears to be. DR Technologies strives to facilitate this process for each of our clients by managing the deployment of all of their required software solutions to help get their new tools up and running in a matter of hours, not days.

What We Provide


Our distribution services allow us to remotely deploy software even while your machines are unattended, which allows your IT staff to focus on more important matters.


Making use of our customised software usage reports allows businesses to more closely control their work environment by monitoring the activities of each of their employees.


All of the software that we provide leverages industry-leading security protocols and encryption, which ensures a robust and reliable technological infrastructure.

Instant results

Intuitive Processes

Physical media is on the way out, and digital distribution systems is the future of the software industry. We ensure that our clients make the most of this technology by managing and syncing each of their software tools remotely across their systems and networks, which is an approach that allows even businesses without a dedicated IT department to experience the benefits of managed software distribution, installation, and verification. That way, they can be sure of smooth operability that optimises their corporate workflow every time they open any one of their applications.

  • Streamlined
    Managed wireless distributions systems ensure that software is available on-demand, which eliminates the need for physical media to be ordered, packaged, and shipped.
  • Personalised
    Regardless of whether they’re MSI or EXE-based applications, we can push them to your computer from our central consoles on a timetable that suits your schedule.

Expand your horizons

A World Of Possibilities

The world of software is more complex and diverse than ever before, and it has provided many new avenues for businesses to monitor, act, and profit. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the latest customer relationship management software in order to track sales leads and automate support chains or are simply interested in migrating to powerful new databases, our software solutions can help get your business the improvements that it needs.

Stay informed

Comprehensive Support

We know that not every piece of software is as accessible as it appears to be upon first glance. That’s why our industrious support team is available on an as-needed basis to help each of our clients quickly get up to speed with their new systems. With this approach, we’re able to ensure that all of your employees will have the skills and knowledge that they need in order to make more efficient use of their time—a process that allows your businesses to benefit from the increased productivity levels by taking on a greater number of projects.

Unified, Secure Deployment:

  • Supports a variety of applications and extensions
  • Offers leading encryption protocols to ensure privacy and safety
  • Is applicable with a wide variety of each of the most popular types of software
  • Remotely installs your desired software directly to your machine
  • Streamlines the acquisition and delivery process
  • Improves the amount of usage data that can be gathered
  • Is verified after install by our expert technicians, which ensures functionality
  • Increases productivity by encouraging the automation of your day-to-day processes

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